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Nick Strachan

Nick got his first, very cheap guitar when he was a young teenager living in India (the heartland of fine instruments!), and he remembers it as the most hideous and frustratingly difficult monster of an instrument he's ever tried to play! After years of jamming with rooms full of other acoustic guitar players, he decided to switch to the banjo. That's when he first fell in love with bluegrass.

He and Sherry met in banjo class during the 1990s and began practicing together. Ironically, he'd taken up the banjo as a novelty only to find himself playing with another banjo player! So, over time, he migrated back to the guitar as a better complement to Sherry's instrument. Nick has since found his home with the guitar. His lead playing is intricate and spontaneous yet always supports the story of the song.

Having said this, Nick has found his calling in writing songs and contributes much of the song writing in Concession 23. His strength is the ability to write songs in an interesting yet efficient manner that makes it easy for the listener to be drawn into the story.

Nick has been nominated as Guitar Player of the Year for four consecutive years, twice as Composer and twice as Male Vocalist.